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User Contributed Story

Title: Sunset into Evening at San Xavier del Bac

 I'd been waiting for just the right evening to go down to Xavier del Bac.  I needed the right type of clouds in the sky, with the sun in the right place.  August was the best month for sun, and in Tucson, with our monsoon rains, it was also a great time for clouds.  When this afternoon came around, I knew I had to go.  There were just the right kind of clouds to the west, layered out nicely to reflect the rays of the setting sun.

I made many shots that afternoon, often placing the mission in silhouette, as in the first image.  The second image was one of those "what if..." moments.  I wasn't sure that I'd be able to capture what I wanted, but with the aid of a very wide 12mm lens, I managed to get fair detail within the opening in the wall as well as perfect framing of the west bell tower, with the lovely glow of the fading sun playing at the top.

And, as I said earlier, darkness is no excuse to put away the camera!  The final shot here was made on another night, in November.  There was a relatively full moon shining over my right shoulder as I faced the mission to the north, lighting the facade perfectly.  Some additional light was offered by the occasional passing car.  I shot a series of 30 second exposures over a period of 30 minutes and later combined them with software to achieve this final image of startrails over San Xavier.

Created By: Jeff M.    Last Modified: 12/5/2010 2:36:54 PM
Jeff S. Maltzman, 2010
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