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Title: Autumn in Sedona

 Sedona is an amazingly beautiful place, best known for its iconic red rock formations.  Those bold rocks were cut over hundreds of thousands of years by the flow of water- water that now remains as Oak Creek.  The creek is lovely at any time, however probably most vibrant during autumn, when maples, cottonwoods, and other plants shed their summer wardrobe in favor of the more colorful garb they've been hiding beneath.  I recently had the opportunity to photograph Fall in Sedona, and some of those images are displayed here.

The first shot was made at Slide Rock State Park, featured in another story in this section of the web site.  Oak Creek flows down a series of long, smooth, slippery sandstone shelves here, and in warmer weather swimmers literally slide down the creek, giving this area its name.  On this cold morning, however, I had no intention of even dipping my foot in the water.  Despite the chill, though, once the sun rose to light the water's surface, the reflections imparted a rather appealing, warm glow to the creek.  It almost looked like flowing magma.

The second and fourth images in this series were shot along the west fork of Oak Creek.  The creek cuts through the sandstone canyon here, offering numerous lovely spots to photograph the water, quite still in some places, against the colorful rock walls.  Throw in some fall color and it's paradise.

The third image here pictures the iconic formation known as Cathedral Rock.  This rock formation is often depicted as a symbol of Sedona.  For this image, I shot at sunset from a large sandstone flat along Oak Creek at Red Rock Crossing near Crescent Moon Ranch.  Numerous water channels have eroded the rock, and this larger flow rushed impressively down the rockface.  I straddled the channel, approximately a meter wide, and shot this scene.  I got a little wet, but it was worth it.

Any visit to Arizona would be incomplete without a stop in Sedona.  Don't miss it during your travels on Route 89!

Created By: Jeff M.    Last Modified: 12/7/2010 9:23:28 PM
Jeff Maltzman, 2010
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