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Title: It's a Mistake to Miss the Coral Pink Sand Dunes

By Darrell Berkheimer
of Butte, Montana

I suspect too many folks miss the Coral Pink Sand Dunes when visiting the many attractions near U.S. 89 in southwestern Utah - where Zion, Cedar Breaks, Red Canyon and Bryce command visitors' attention. 

Yes, it's a few miles out of the way, but the drive is worth the time to take a short walk on one of the dunes and snap photos of the coral pink sands.  It's a pleasant visit that won't command a lot of your time the way Zion and Bryce will - unless you plan to spend a night in the state park campground. 

The campground doesn't have all the hookups, but Utah has been installing really nice showers in its state parks, making them especially appealing to campers in tents and small trailers. 

I've visited a lot of sand dunes and beaches in both the east and west, and even did a little dune buggy riding with friends at the Little Sahara Sand Dunes southwest of Eureka in Utah.  But the buggy riding ended when a nose-dive over a short drop propelled my mouth into the steering wheel and sent me to the emergency room for some upper lip repair.  That's when I learned that buggy riders should reconnoiter or slowly survey the routes they want to use before speeding around the dunes. 

I've also visited the sand hills in California west of Yuma, AZ; Sand Mountain southeast of Fallon, NV; California's ocean-side dunes at Pismo Beach, Big Sur and Carmel; the White Sands near Alamogordo, NM; and the sandy beaches of the east along Maine, New Jersey, Delaware and Florida. 

The coral pink dunes do not comprise an area as large as some of the others, but I find them more intriguing - just as I enjoy visiting Cedar Breaks and Bryce Canyon over and over again.  I must have visited those two as least 7 or 8 times - partly because I lived in Utah for more than 13 years, and partly because I had to show the red and pink hoodoos of those places to friends and family from my hometown area of Pennsylvania. 

Somehow I mistakenly missed visiting the Coral Pink dunes until this fall of 2010.  And it was a mistake, because I wish I had taken my parents to see the pink dunes during one of their visits before they passed away.  Now I'm hoping my older brother - an accomplished photographer - can make the visit.  It's just a short drive off Route 89 west of Kanab.

Created By: Berky    Last Modified: 11/9/2010 5:27:08 PM
Darrell Berkheimer
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