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User Contributed Story

Title: A Fantastic View

I have been lucky to drive more than 85% of US Highway 89. One of my favorite places on the whoie route is the climb up the Echo Cliffs towards Page, Arizona. A wide pullout on the west side of the highway allows travelers to see some pretty spectacular scenery. The picture I include here is from this pullout.

On the skyline is the graceful profile of the Vermilion Cliffs. This  stately escarpment was declared a national monument in 2000 and is the release site for rewilded California condors. The floor of the valley looks like a shredded rag but is actually the depressions of many stream channels cut into the otherwise flat surface of the Marble Platform. The Colorado River has incised its channel at least 1,000 feet in this platform in the upper end of the Grand Canyon (Marble Canyon) and flows from right to left in this view. In the foreground are boulders of Navajo Sandstone that rolled down from the top of the Echo Cliffs behind the photographer.

I never ceased to be impressed with this vista every time I drive to Page. Take a look next time you climb the hill!

Created By: Wayne Ranney    Last Modified: 6/12/2009 3:37:11 PM
Wayne Ranney
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