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User Contributed Story

Title: Adventure in Old Town Cottonwood

Experience is the name of the game when you travel along US Route 89! I've always loved Old Town Cottonwood, and have travelled through the town untold times over the years. The place just gets better and better.

We got acquainted with Erb Werner and his alphorn. A fascinating guy from Switzerland. You can read more in the Along 89 newsletter.

If that wasn't enough excitement, there was a musician sitting at the Old Town Cafe with a didjeridu. I got to see it up close and personal, as you can see from photo #2.

The ultimate high was the food at the Old Town Cafe. I admit it–it was so good, we ate there two mornings in a row. The first morning I had a most wonderful, light and subtly flavored cheese and spinach quiche. The second morning, I succumbed to a croissant with almond paste filling. One of the best I've ever eaten. We won't even think about the calories.

Created By: bcowlin    Last Modified: 3/25/2009 10:12:56 AM
Barbara Cowlin
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