US Route 89-The West
US Route 89 Road Trip Guide-The Road to While Sulphur Springs

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White Sulphur Springs to Great Falls Road Trip Guide

Distance: 98.8 miles • Elevation Change: White Sulphur Springs 5047 ft.-Great Falls 3330 ft.

Between White Sulphur Springs and Armington Junction with US 87, US Route 89 is designated as the Kings Hill Scenic Byway as it winds through the Little Belt Mountains. One of the highlights of this section is Sluice Boxes State Park between Monarch and Armington. Between Armington and Great Falls, the highway crosses a broad valley of wheat fields.

Special Attractions:

Kings Hill Scenic Byway: Passing through the Lewis and Clark National Forest and the Little Belt Mountains, this 71-mile long section of US 89 offers many outdoor recreation opportunities from fly fishing in the summer to snowmobiling in the winter. One of the highlights is a short hike to Memorial Falls located about 1.5 miles south of Neihart.
Sluice Boxes State Park: Located 8 miles south of Armington Junction, this primitive state park contains the remains of mines, a railroad and historic cabins lining Belt Creek as it wind through a beautiful canyon carved in limestone. A seven-mile long trail winds through the park giving access to its rich history and spectacular geologic features.


Towns, Cities & Reservations:
White Sulphur Springs
Great Falls

Public Lands & Historic Places:
Lewis and Clark National Forest
Kings Hill Scenic Byway
Kings Hill Scenic BywayMemorial Falls TrailNeihart QuartsiteMemorial Trail Main Falls
Memorial Trail Upper FallsMemorial Falls CreekMemorial Falls Trail Butterfly
Sluice Boxes State Park
Sluice Boxes State Park OverlookSluice Boxes State Park TrailBelt CreekBelt Creek in Sluice Boxes State Park

North Fork
Little Belt Mountains
Belt Creek

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Sometimes there are different ways of receiving and sharing the pathways of life. Since before I was born my family has owned land along US 89 in beautiful south-central Montana. I have walked, worked, rode horseback and fished this land, but little did
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