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Page to Kanab Road Trip Guide

Distance:  73.7 miles • Elevation Change: Page 4193 ft.-Kanab 4970 ft.

US Route 89 now bypasses downtown Page to the west. To follow the original road, take Lake Powell Boulevard from the north or south as it loops through Page.

Continuing north, highway 89 crosses Marble Canyon and the Colorado River just downstream from Glen Canyon dam. Behind the dam, Lake Powell stretches 180 miles to the northeast.

US Route 89 crosses southern Utah through the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Of particular note is the Paria River where hikers can begin the 40-mile trek to the Colorado River through a slot canyon of red sandstone. Midway between Page and Kanab, the highway crosses The Cockscomb, a giant hogback ridge of steeply tilted rock. From The Cockscomb to Kanab, the road once again parallels the Vermilion Cliffs on the north side.

This stretch of US Route 89 is a section of the Mormon Pioneer National Heritage Area called Under the Rim for its location beneath the red rock cliffs of the Colorado Plateau.

Special Attractions:

Glen Canyon Dam was built as one of a series of dams on the Colorado River. The impounded water forms Lake Powell which stretches for 186 miles back up river. Visitors may tour the historic project beginning at the Carl B. Hayden Visitor Center perched above the lake and power plant. The tour begins at the crest of the dam, 638 feet above the Colorado River. An elevator descends 528 feet deep into the interior of the dam and a tour guide relates details of its construction and operation.
Rimrock Hoodoos: Look for a small parking area on the north side of US 89 near milepost 20. Hike about a half mile on the marked trail to an area of tall hoodoos, toadstool rocks and redneck cliffs. These fascinating formations can be explored at any time of the day, but late afternoon sun is best for photography. This one of many scenic wonders in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.
Paria Canyon: Access to the slot canyon of the Paria River is from the White House trailhead at the BLM Ranger Station. It is a three to five day backpacking trip thirty-eight miles through Paria Canyon to the Colorado River at Lee’s Ferry. This hike should only be attempted by experienced backpackers, requires a permit and is limited to twenty people a day. However, to experience the Narrows where the Paria cuts through the Navajo Sandstone, hike as far as the confluence with Buckskin Gulch seven and a half miles downstream. This is a moderately difficult hike requiring wading through knee-deep water at times. Be aware of the weather, as dangerous flash floods are possible particularly in July and August. Allow at least eight hours for this hike.


Towns, Cities & Reservations:
Big Water
Church Wells

Public Lands & Historic Places:
Rainbow Bridge National Monument
Glen Canyon Dam
Glen Canyon National Recreation Area
Mormon Pioneer Heritage Area/Utah Heritage Highway
Paria Canyon-Vermillion Cliffs Widlerness
Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

Lake Powell
East Clark Bench
Paria River
Hiking the Paria River Wilderness
Paria River Narrows PanoramaNavajo Sandstone in the Narrows of the PariaBuckskin Gulch
Hiker in the Narrows of the PariaLight on the RocksHikers Wading in the PariaParia River PanoramaWrather ArchReflection of the MudMorning Light
Lower Paria River PanoramaCottonwoods in the lower Paria River CanyonLower Paria River Canyon
Nodal Ninja
The Coxcomb
Telegraph Flat
Shinarump Cliffs
Vermilion Cliffs

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Sunrise on the Little Colorado River at Cameron
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Sandstone formation south of US Route 89
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Toadstool rocks
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