US Route 89 - The West
US Route 89 - The West

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US Route 89 Artist's Portfolio - Tom Kiefer, Photographer

A portfolio of photographs by Tom Kiefer from the Tucson to Phoenix series
of the Journey West Exhibit project

Tom Kiefer Photograph-Lost Treasure
Lost Treasure - Near Oracle, Arizona 2009


Tom Kiefer Photograph-Lucky Man
Lucky Man - Tucson, Arizona 2007


Tom Kiefer Photograph-Hotel Noir
Hotel Noir, Tucson, Arizona 2009


Tom Kiefer Photograph-Westward Ho, young man
Westward Ho, young man - Phoenix, Arizona 2008


Tom Kiefer Photograph-2:34pm Phoenix
2:43pm, Phoenix - Phoenix, Arizona 2008


Tom Kiefer Photograph-Angels watchin' over me my lord
Angels watchin' over me my Lord - Sun City, Arizona 2008


Tom Kiefer Photograph-Casa Grande Ruins
Casa Grande Ruins - Coolidge, Arizona 2007


Tom Kiefer Photograph-Is that all there is?
Is that all there is? - Tucson, Arizona 2008


Tom Kiefer Photograph-Retired Railroad Ties
Retired Railroad Ties - Coolidge, Arizona 2009


Tom Kiefer Photograph-Ue o muite aruko
Ue o muite aruko - Near Oracle, Arizona 2009


Traveling the Journey West Exhibit via US 89

The "Journey West Exhibit" is a three part photographic essay of the roads that connect the cities of Phoenix, Tucson and Ajo, Arizona, which are approximately 120 miles from each other. My friend Jim Cowlin asked if I would be interested in sharing some of the photos from this project that related to US 89, and to my surprise, all but two of the following images were either taken directly on parts of the old highway or within a mile of it.

Whatever I find compelling as a record of fact or integral to the simultaneous development and decline of the western landscape and history, I'll record through my photography. There are several narratives that seem to be unfolding as I continue to travel around and shoot; loss and abandonment, grace and beauty, thoughtlessness and greed, ingenuity and hope. The actual subjects themselves range from desert plants to advertising signs, animals to old buildings, junkyards and churches to clouds in the sky.

To see additional work from this project, visit:

Tom Kiefer